Little Innovations

I just wanted to do a quick post today about celebrating the tiny innovations that just make life just that bit easier, or more interesting!


I'm definitely not talking about anything life changing here, but I think it's fair to say that a tremendous amount of pleasure can be had from the relatively insignificant and un-newsworthy.

Sometimes this can come from working out *slightly* faster route to work (saving you exactly one minute, but hey!) or organising your fridge so that the most used items are always at the front (hello ketchup and butter.)

So here is my celebration of the small innovations in my life recently! There's nothing groundbreaking about them, but they all bring a small sense of satisfaction!

Binder Clips - Generally useful, even more useful in meetings!

This is a great tip I picked up from someone today actually! 

If you are a round table meeting and you want people to remember your name, simply use a binder clip to stand your business card on the table!


Maybe don't try and use it in a bar though to pick up dates though... that could be awkward.

Wrapping a present on the diagonal

This is a great way of wrapping something neatly and also works really well when you are faced with a square of wrapping paper which doesn't quite fold over the centre of the item you are trying to wrap!

Use your the camera on your phone to remember complicated digits!

I'm sure this really isn't a revelation for anyone, however it has actually *completely* revolutionised my IKEA experience in particular!

No more scraps of paper which can get lost, get that important info saved as a picture. Easy to do and easy to recall!

Bonus points for guessing what I was buying!

Bonus points for guessing what I was buying!

It's the little things.