I need your help! (& your chance to get a free copy of my upcoming e-book)

As you may know, one of my businesses was borne out of my deep love for all things coffee! 

I'm currently working on a really exciting project over at Vincent's Coffee - which will result in the creating of what (hopefully) will be The Ultimate Guide to Coffee.

Basically we want to create something really useful, which will help home coffee makers get the best out of their beans and equipment, whether they use Vincent's or not!

I really want to make sure that this guide includes everything you want to know, which is why we have created this short questionnaire to get your feedback on what you would like us to include!

The survey is mostly multiple choice, with some areas for optional comments and will take you a maximum of 5 minutes, I promise!

To say thank you to all those who complete this survey, we will be sending them a FREE copy of the guide as soon as we hit the publish button!

So if you can spare the time, I would appreciate it so much!


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