Productive Procrastination: Weekly Links, Vol I

I have to confess that I probably spend far too much time reading, both print and online. I'm often found browsing various sites during my down time (mostly weird and wonderful Wikipedia pages... did you know that there is  annual nettle eating contest here in the UK?!)

I often wonder if this is some sort of hangover from my undergraduate history days where we were expected to read 200 pages or more per week, none of which I now remember of course!

Whilst many people may see this compulsion to read as a sign of extreme time wasting, I have to completely disagree. I like to think of it as a form of productive procrastination! During my time reading I get to expose myself to a wide amount of information which covers a range of subjects.

I am strong believer that it is vital for every individual to carry on educating themselves outside of institutional structures, something which is now easier than ever due to the plethora of information available on the internet. (I am aware of the issues with quality and bias when it comes to the internet as a source, however these issues can be mitigated by a bit of common sense and awareness!)

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family."
Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations

I started saving some of my favorite snippets from around the web a while ago, and recently thought it might be worth sharing some of them with you in a weekly link round up which will be published at the end of each week.

I'm hoping that there will be something of interest for everyone in these round-ups, as I'm not planning to focus on a particular subject,  just things that I have caught my eye for one reason of the other!

Ways to Stay Creative Infographic

Source: Behance

I came across this infographic on Pintrest, as it's a great outline of the active nature of creativity. There's nothing new on here, however it is a good reminder that inspiration can be sought and found in many different places.

Overcoming the e-mail disadvantage: Humor in online negotiations

Source: Lehigh University

This paper outlines two experimental studies that explore the role of humor in online negotiations and the positive effect this had on trust and satisfaction levels. This is a extremely interesting read for anyone who uses email in a sales/marketing capacity.

Urban agriculture: introducing the office farm

Source: The Guardian

I absolutely love the idea of transforming vacant and underused urban space into productive space for food production. Food security is going to be an increasingly important issue as the global population expands. The article does note that "Food production in unoccupied buildings will never meet the demand capacity" - however it surely would help revitalize marginal urban space in an attractive and useful capacity.

Pluto mission marks end of planet exploration era. Where next?

Source: New Scientist

A short, but interesting, article which raises the question of what comes after we complete the exploration of our immediate solar system. Whilst we currently lack the technology to reach the nearest stars during a human lifespan, should we start to look out into our galaxy and beyond.


Source: The Tiny Twig

Whilst this blog post may be slightly outdated in some respects, as it was originally published in 2013, I still feel that much of the advice remains relevant. We all can shop with ethics in mind by researching companies and their credentials and supporting brand which do the right thing. It's also vital that we continue putting pressure on clothing companies to act responsibly.