Sunday Summation: III

I can't believe another week has gone by... It seems like only the other day that I was writing up my Sunday favorites from last time!

This year has gone ridiculously fast actually, I sometimes swear it feels like Christmas was only a month or two ago. Time flies when you're working hard, apparently...

As usual, here is a short summary of some of the things I have been enjoying in the last week

1. Getting into my YouTube stride

I suppose I started a YouTube channel in order to experiment with a new type of content.

I have been blogging, in some form or another, for around 3 years. It feels like now is the time to start expanding my creative outlets, especially as I'm feeling in a really good place with work and my life in general.

There is also the argument that as someone with a business, it really is worthwhile to develop a better understanding of digital media and the multiple new channels out there, of which YouTube is arguably one of the most important. 

I have now put together around 10 videos and am starting to find what works for me (I think!) in terms of delivery style, content, theme, etc. So keep your eyes out for lots more heading your way in the future!

2. Friday lunches in style 

Field and Fawcett

There is nothing better than going out for a long Friday lunch with one of your favoruite people. Bonus points if it includes champagne.

This is exactly what I was able to do last Friday, as York on a Fork was invited to review the new Field and Fawcett cafe in York. 

Grace and I went along to represent YOAF and indulge in food, drink and some rather productive general business talk. (Full review coming this week!)

I also came away with a rather lovely bottle of Galician white, as F&F is also a wine merchants and delicatessen!

Field and Fawcett
Field and Fawcett

3. Being a tourist in my own city

York Minster

Sometimes I forget how absolutely gorgeous York is. Des and I are so lucky to live within walking distance of some of the most beautiful buildings in the country.

York Minster is undoubtedly one of the real highlights, so this Saturday we decided to go and immerse ourselves in its Gothic splendor. 

As residents of the city, we get free entry. This means I must have visited about 30 times over the past few years, yet each time I find something new to marvel at.

The building changes with the seasons, the position of the sun, the weather. It is constantly in a state of motion. It's a real privilege to be able to go and sit and bask in its beauty. 

4. Fat Rascals for breakfast

Bettys Fat Rascal

I make no secret of my love for Bettys, with Fat Rascals being my particular favorite treat.

Last Wednesday I found myself in town, having left the house in a bit of a hurry, in need of a quick breakfast.

That's right good people, I bought myself a Fat Rascal and scoffed it down. All before 9:00am.

That is how you start your day on the right foot.

5. Meetings in beautiful buildings

Merchant Adventurers Hall

As Master of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, City of York, part of my job is to forge links with other civic institutions in the city

This includes speaking to the other, much more established, Guilds in the city. We really want to contribute to civic life in partnership with the existing Guilds and build strong friendships with other Guild members.

I therefore found myself on Thursday morning in the beautiful Merchant Adventurers Hall, a medieval guildhall which was originally built in 1357. 

The hall is absolutely beautiful and mainly consists of the Great Hall and the undercroft, which was originally a hospital or almshouse for poor people of York.

It's actually open to the public and I highly recommend looking around if you are ever in the city!

6. Beautiful Yorkshire walks

Top: H&M Conscious, Shorts: H&M

Top: H&M Conscious, Shorts: H&M

Sunday proved to be a proper day off, with a little trip down the A59 to Knaresbrough, an extremely scenic town just by Harrogate.

We decided to make the most of the sunshine and take a walk down the River Nidd, a route which I can highly recommend!

7. Finally, a few more foodie highlights!

Chicken Ceaser Salad at Bettys in Harrogate

Chicken Ceaser Salad at Bettys in Harrogate

A cheeky breakfast at the Waitrose cafe: Chili Avocado on Toast

A cheeky breakfast at the Waitrose cafe: Chili Avocado on Toast

I hope you guys have a lovely week!

I'm off to go and prep some work stuff so that I can hit the ground running on Monday. Then it's off to bed with the cat for some quality cuddle time.