Sunday Summation IV

So lots of hectic and happening things have been, well... happening these past few weeks!

After a pretty slow August, September has hit me with a decisive bang, as I have started several new projects and contracts. All very exciting and nerve racking at the same time! 

On the more personal side of things, alongside the change and slight increase of pace I have been making a concerted effort to look after myself.

Whilst I am somewhat skeptical of the whole "wellness" trend, I do believe that much can be gained from trying to eat well, move more and stress less. It's a simple formula, but somehow it can sometimes be so hard to follow....

So on that cheery note (!) here are some of the things I have been dabbling in/enjoying over the past week or so.


1. Meeting the Sows

This is something that will undoubtedly be the subject of a whole blog post in the very near future, however one of my recent highlights has certainly been getting the chance to meet some rather lovely pigs!

Last weekend Des and I made a determined drive into the North York Moors to High Farndale, an idyllicly set farm just north of Hutton le Hole.

Our mission; to collect a quarter of a pig (jointed) and meet Peter Mawson, the farmer breeding rare, pedigree Whitefaced Woodland sheep and British Saddleback pigs.

Peter kindly gave us a tour of the whole farm whilst explaining his approach to slow food and low input farming. During the tour I was able to meet a pair of beautiful pregnant sows, who were extremely friendly and very much up for a spot of belly rubbing!

Bethan Vincent Royal York

2. Enjoying the weekend

In accordance with my plan to start really looking after myself, I have been really making sure that I put aside time outside of work to do non work things (shock horror!). 

Part of this involves spending more time actively doing things, rather than giving into the urge just to sit on the sofa and watch Sex and the City for the 10th time.

Recent excursions out of the house have included the drive mentioned above, a trip to the cinema to see Blair Witch (3/5 IMO) and a couple of naughty culinary indulgences. 

3. I obviously have to include a picture of my cat

This is also evidence of the fact she falls asleep right in the middle of playtime... 

Bettys york

4. Treats from Bettys - Standard York behaviour

Walking past the window on St Helen's Square it was pretty difficult to resist this super cute starfish (chocolate cake underneath FYI). Des almost gave into the marzipan seahorse trend, but ended up with a standard Yorkshire curd tart.

5. Coming over to the light side

I'm not usually one for saying that buying something has changed my life... however this may be the rare exception which proves the rule.

After hearing a lot of positive reviews from friends and the general internet, I decided to take the plunge last week and purchase a Lumi Bodyclock Light, an alarm clock that wakes you with a gradually brightening 30-minute sunrise.

As someone who definitely struggles with sleeping problems (read: bad sleep hygiene) I was willing to try this out just on the basis that it might provide a placebo related remedy. 

You need to take the following statement with the caveat that I have only used this for about 5 nights now, however it certainly feels like it's made a vast difference to my sleep quality. I certainly no longer feel like I'm being mercilessly jerked awake in the morning by my alarm.

The light also has a 30 minute sunset option, which I do think helps your brain naturally transition into a restful state. 

So that's all from me folks! I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead.