Sunday Summation XVI: Jazz and clashing patterns

Again this is a Sunday Summation covering the past two weeks, as I must admit this whole series slightly slipped my mind last weekend... oops.

Overall I've had a fairly productive past time of things, filled with lots of work and some exciting news for Bright Ethics (which I will announce on very soon). 

I've also found myself really enjoying blogging again, which hopefully comes through in the slightly longer-form content I've been putting out there and the increased frequency of my posts.

I've basically decided that I don't really fit into any kind of "niche" and I'm totally OK with this. I want to write about things that excite me. If this ends up with a rather random sampling of subjects - I'm totally OK with this. 

I'm slowly building up a backlog of (what I hope is) really good content which will be coming your way over the next few weeks and hopefully beyond.

Here are some other things I have enjoyed:

Portico Quartet live in Manchester

1. Seeing Portico Quartet live at Manchester International Festival

One of my goals for 2017 was to see a lot more live music! 

Des and I have mostly been successful at doing this here in York, where we've probably attended pretty much every open mic night/jazz evening/folk evening possible. 

The week before last we grabbed the opportunity to head outside of our usual stomping grounds to take advantage of Manchester International Festival and see Portico Quartet, who delivered an intense 90 minute set.

skins and brass

2. Taking some inspiration for our own band - Skins and Brass

Skins and Brass is basically a passion band which allows a couple of us get together to jam and generally explore our musical ideas. After seeing Portico we decided to have a short session which took us down an experimental/folky path. 

Des and I have also put some new material up for Peach (our project as a couple) if you fancy a listen

Clashing patterns

3. Wearing all of the clashing prints

I have a new jacket and I'll be damned if I don't wear it with every single outfit I own - regardless of aesthetic impact. Rock and roll (more sausage roll Imo).

Jaipur Spice York Haxby Road

4. Trying out our local curry house: Jaipur Spice on Haxby Road, York

A full review will be on the blog soon, but I can already give away the fact that I will be going back with Des ASAP.

5. Starting work on my first novella

Like most of Twitter, my dream has always been to write a book. After years of writing purely for work/this blog alongside several failed attempts at long form writing, I have started my first draft of a new pice of work which will probably be around 40,000 words.

My rough aim is to finish this by Christmas, all being well. The narrative ties in with an AV piece that Des is currently writing - our hope is that we can showcase both works together.

If anyone has any tips on self publishing, I'd love to hear them!

6. Using Toggl to track my time

I often undertake private client work, mostly around marketing and writing. I recently came across Toggl which is a free project management platform that allows you to track your time.

I've tried a couple of similar apps/sites in the past, most of which have fallen by the wayside due to bad UI or incomprehensible workflows. Toggl seems to have cracked a lot of my frustrations in both departments, with an easy to use, clean interface.

I'm now even using it to track my writing as per above, which ensures I remain accountable and on-track.

7. Listening to This is Product Management Podcast

I can take no credit for the discovery of this, as my lovely colleague Kim originally pointed me in the direction of this excellent podcast series.

If you work in tech, product development and/or marketing, I highly recommend sampling this interdisciplinary series which looks at the development of products, from statistics to design and strategy.