Spin Off: A dinner blog from my dad

Many apologies for the lack of blogging in the past few days. I am currently finishing up my undergraduate dissertation which has been sapping all of my writing energy. It's due in just over 2 weeks and I am starting to panic somewhat as I still have 3,000 words to go....

As a temporary replacement, I offer you an an email I got tonight from my father who is currently in Copenhagen, he titled it 'Dads dinner blog.'

'Had a nice Italian tonight. Well prepared and a little on the large size. Insalate caprese followed by a calzone. I did better than the bloke on the table next to me who sent back his main because it was wrong and then gave up waiting for its replacement after 20 mins and asked for the cheque.(he was American) have no idea what the restaurant is called but its in Copenhagen by the Teater.'

Update: just got sent 'FYI restaurant was Il Peccato, axeltorv 8, 1609 Copenhagen V'

He even included a picture! (apologies for the quality)

I hope you are all having a much more relaxing time than me! (Should I have started writing the diss earlier: Yes. Would I do things differently if offered the chance: No, I maintain that I work better under pressure!)