Kitchen Wishlist 1

Having been an avid blog reader for a number of years, I have come across numerous beauty/fashion wish lists. In order to justify the inordinate amount of time I have spent looking at kitchen items and gadgets recently, I thought I would try my hand at a kitchen themed wish list.

1. Tea Tool £4.49 - Undoubtedly the best thing to happen to tea since the teapot.

2. Panasonic SD-2500WXC Bread Maker, £119.95 - I want, no, need to wake up to the smell of fresh bread every morning.

3. Dualit Milk Frother £49.95 - At home cappuccino would be a reality

4. LSA Elina Wine Glasses, Set of 2 - I just love how sleek they look and how solid they feel, the shot glasses are also worth a look.

5. Ceramic Baking Beans, £4.49 - Standard baking staple

6. Paul Hollywood's Bread, £10 - To further my bread eduction and fuel my carb obsession

7. EZ Freeze Pure Bottle, £14.99 and £7.99 for 2 filters - An alternative to buying bottled water for my long library stints

8. Cath Kidston Daisy Rose Check, Flour Shaker, £6 - Of course I need to match my flour shaker to my apron!

9. Carnation Plum Tea, £12 - Flowering tea is the perfect way to impress guests! Also looks so pretty in clear glasses.

10. John Lewis, Copper Frying Pan, £65 - Dream frying pan, looks good, optimum heat distribution.