YO1 Festival

This bank holiday Sunday I got the opportunity to be involved in the YO1 Festival which was taking place in York. I volunteered to be part of the Box Office team, dealing with general admissions.
The festival was completely sold out, with over 3000 people expected to be on site. Consequently my day was extremely hectic, but also exciting and great fun. Fortunately, the weather was on our side, not too hot or cold and people seemed ready to have a great time!
Pre Opening - Calm before the Storm

YO1, now in its second year, is  a 'festival of music, street food and ales.' Amongst the music acts there were some big names, such as AlunaGeorge, DJ Yoda and the Rudiemental, who currently hold the UK no1 album position!

Still in its first few years of running, there were of course some teething issues surrounding waiting times for the bar, admissions and toilets. However, even after a slightly lengthy wait, the majority of people I spoke to were excited for the day ahead and were happy to be supporting such a great local event. As I walked around in the evening, the atmosphere was great and people were definitely making the most of what was on offer. One of the musical highlights for me was Rudimental, who whipped the crowd up into a frenzy!

Mainstage around 8pm

It was, of course, the street food that really piqued my interest! Unfortunately I didn't have much time to explore what was on offer, but once we finished at the Box Office I managed to have a little sneak peak at some of the food stands.

Run by Northern Eats, the street food offerings were cross national and cross cultural, from the northern staple of fish and chips, to Mexican/Southern American dishes and homemade Punjabi vegetarian treats.
Manjit's Kitchen
As my boyfriend is American and misses the food of his birth country, (mostly McDonalds, I'm trying to convert him - I promise.) We therefore decided to get hot dogs from the stall run by Diamond Dogs. I'm still regretting my decision not to get a chili cheese dog, I just opted for a standard dog with onions.

As a result, I spent most of my time begging said boyfriend for a bite of his amazingly savoury/spicy/cheesy treat. I didn't even have time to get a photo, as he wolfed it down with the speed only a twenty something male can muster when faced with deliciousness.  
I also visited the stand run by Bison Coffee, who actually are my local Coffee house - about a 10 minute walk away from my current flat. As always, they served up a sterling cappuccino, with fresh silky milk and smooth coffee. I made another food error when I decided against picking up one of their famous brownies early on, as they had sold out by the evening!
Further info on the street food at YO1 can be found at:

Northern Eats


Bison Coffee


Diamond Dogs

Manjit's Kitchen

El Kantina

People outside the main stage

It was a wonderful experience to be involved in a local event of this calibre, the people of York are very lucky to have a festival like this right on their doorstep.

Hope to see you all there next year then!