An Update in Pictures

Just to start off the week, I thought I would give you guys a bit of a visual update of the past week or so. Monday's can be a bit of a shock, so text is at the minimum to make things easy and simple! Don't worry though, I've got some lovely recipes and reviews coming up for when we have all got over the start of the week shock.

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A platter of Italian goodness so large, I cant even get it in the photo!

Cappuccino at The Attic in York - the most amazing coffee place ever

Preparing for my first Fromage Friday featuring Cornish Yarg

Cappuccino and Mocha at Arden's

First sneak peak of Kevin's Mocha Madness

Brie and Caramelised Onion Chutney Pannini at Arden's

I really recommend the Cioccolato Fondente at Strada

Some local Yorkshire produce at Neugate Market in York

I put this at the bottom as it's not strictly food related, but as I have had some requests for a picture of...

Myself just before Graduation Dinner and Summer Ball