Fromage Friday 1: Cornish Yarg

Welcome to the first edition of Fromage Friday, my new feature devoted to cheese. 

I recently realised that whilst I am a great cheese lover, I don't know as much about the vast array of different cheeses as I would like. Therefore, Fromage Friday is my excuse to educate myself and eat lots of different cheeses!

Each week I will be selecting a new cheese to try out and will be sharing with you guys my thoughts and recommendations. I'm hoping to include a short video introduction, along with photos and hopefully even some recipe ideas.

Let me know what you think, what bits you like, or even what you don't!

This week I nipped along to my local Waitrose to check out their Cheese Deli Counter and picked out a cheese called Cornish Yarg.

I actually get the name of the dairy slightly wrong in the video, it's actually Lynher Dairies, so apologies for that! Here is their description of Cornish Yarg

'Cornish Yarg, a semi hard cheese made from grass rich milk and wrapped in stinging nettles or wild garlic, is hand made on our farm near Truro. The natural rinds help the cheeses mature and impart flavour, so our nettle covered Cornish Yarg has a delicate, mushroomy taste with a more crumbly texture than our slightly firmer Wild Garlic Yarg, which whispers rather than shouts its name.'

Check out the beautiful rind!

I mostly eat very mild cheeses such as mozzarella and cheddar, so for me, it was a very unusual flavour. On its own it was rather pleasant, if a bit strong at first. However, it really came alive once I put it in the burger, as it imparted a very savoury and rich taste when coupled with the steak patties.

Check out my poor butter spreading skills

Perfect Summer Burger
Have you ever tried Cornish Yarg before? If not, let me know if you do have a try.

Hope you enjoyed the first ever Fromage Friday!