Breakfast Ideas: Almond and Blueberry Pancakes

I posted a picture of these pancakes on my Instagram/Twitter last week and had a few people asking for a more in-depth recipe. These pancakes are great for breakfast as they are packed full of protein from the eggs and ground almonds, helping you to make it through the day, or at least lunch!

Ingredients: (makes around 2 pancakes, serves 1)

1tsp Coconut Oil to fry the pancakes in
1 Free Range Egg
25g Ground Almonds
a dash of Semi Skimmed Milk or Almond Milk
A handful of Blueberries (or any fruit that takes your fancy)
Honey to drizzle

Admittedly there's not really much of a method here! All you need to do is simply whisk together the egg, ground almonds and milk to make a thick batter. Heat up a small saucepan and add the coconut oil until hot and melted, then coat the bottom of the pan with the batter and fry for about 2 minutes on each side. Serve with the yogurt, fruit and a drizzle of honey! You could also make these as a dessert later on in the day and have them with sorbet or chocolate sauce instead.

If pancakes aren't really your thing first thing in the morning, here are some of my favourite breakfast recipes from across the web:

Breakfast Pizza from Smitten Kitchen - Just as tasty for breakfast as it is for dinner!

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Tarts from Williams-Sonoma - Deceptively simple! Great for a lazy sunday morning.

Bananna and Chocolate Frech Toast from Katie Cakes - I can't promise you won't die from a chocolate induced heart attack from these decedant slices of heaven, but I can promise that you will enjoy your last moments if you do!