Autumn Kitchen Wishlist

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The nights are drawing in and I have even started contemplating putting the heating on! It's official, Autumn is here. This time of year I like to dine out on stews, soups and hearty pies and maybe sneak in some comforting puddings! In order to celebrate the change of seasons and help reflect the transition happening in my kitchen, I have put together a little Autumn kitchen wish list. Obviously some are more realistic purchases than others, (even though somehow £120 for a stag mounted on a bit of glass seems totally reasonable in my strange mind!)

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your autumnal kitchen ventures!

1. Lakeland One-Cup Coffeemaker, £16.99 - I think this would be a great and simple way of getting your morning caffiene hit! It does both tea and coffee at the press of one simple bottom.

2. Culinary Concepts Stag Cake Stand, £120 - It's a stag. On a cake stand. Beautifully pointless, and that's why I want it so much!

3. Warwickshire CountyShaped Chopping Board by County Chopper, £120 -  They aren't exactly a steal, but these chopping boards are made right down the road from me in Hull and come in the shapes of 47 counties! As I am feeling slightly homesick, the Warwickshire version would be perfect. I think these beautiful hand crafted chopping boards would also make great Christmas gifts for that annoying person who already has everything...

4. Rituals Serenity Hand wash, £10 - I love the Rituals range in general and am an avid fan of their body products. This hand wash has my favourite scents of Sweet Almond Oil and Indian Rose. It would make a perfect addition, popped on the side of the kitchen sink, helping to make washing the dishes that bit more bearable!

5. Bettys Christmas Fruit Cake in a Tin, £18.95 - Whilst I fully appreciate that Christmas is a little while yet, good Christmas cakes will keep! Obviously anything from Bettys will be top notch and as I do live in York, it felt wrong to exclude it. Remember, the tin can also be reused long after you've scoffed the cakefor my

6. Lakeland 1 Litre Pudding Steamer, £14.99- This item is both a bit more practical and affordable. I am a huge lover of steamed puddings, especially those of the treacle variety! This will also come in handy for making a classic Christmas Pudding. The 1L capacity also means you will have enough to feed a fair few, unless you plan on having a date night in with just you and a comforting steamed pud.

7. Hotel Chocolat Chilli Drinking Chocolate, £8.50 - Hotel Chocolat seem to have redesigned their hot chocolate packaging of late, lets hope that they are still as good! I have always particularly loved the combination of chilli and chocolate, especially in a warming drink. This will be perfect for long winter nights spent curled up under the duvet (where I am currently, no intention of leaving unless the house is on fire.)

I hope you have enjoyed my little indulgent list! I will of course keep you updated with the stag-on-glass acquisition situation. It's a toss up between paying the bills and having that little beauty tucked away somewhere. Because of course at £120, you don't expect me to use the damn thing!

Let me know if you have any further ideas for my autumn list, or if you have any of the above items and want to rate/slate them!