How to make the perfect Cafetiere

With a little know how, great coffee can be surprisingly easy. Here is a basic guide to getting consistently excellent results from your cafetiere, but don’t be afraid to use it as a jumping off point into further experimentation!

For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of working with coffee is exploring different flavours, timings and preparation methods. While espresso machines produce fantastic results, these coffees work just as well in a cafetiere.

An important first step is to pre heat your cafetiere for one minute using boiling water. Discard the water and add your coffee of choice, allowing 10g (approximately 1 dessertspoon) of ground coffee per cup. It’s important not to burn your coffee with boiling water, so allow your kettle to stand for a minute before use.

Slowly pour the water over the grounds and stir gently with a (preferably wooden) spoon so that the coffee oils “bloom” to the surface. Place the lid on the beaker and leave to stand for four minutes then gently plunge the coffee and serve immediately (top tip: for extra indulgence serve with double cream).

I would also advise on spending a bit more money on a caf to get something firm and durable. Here are some of my top picks!


Clean lines and design led -

Sophie Conran for Portmeirion Cafetiere, £47,

John Lewis


Cute and durable -

Stainless Steel Heart Cafetière, £19.50,

Marks and Spencer 

3. Great for on the move -

Zyliss Cafetiere Hot Mug, £8.52,



Dishwasher safe -


Brazil black French press coffee make, £29,

House of Fraser