The Pastry Edit

Lets talk pastry. 

Deliciously crisp and buttery and encasing hidden wonders, pastry is one of my all time favourites. Living in York pretty much means I have unlimited access to an inordinate amount of very good pork pies and whilst they aren't exactly healthy, once in a while I have to give in. The pork/jelly ratio is a subject close to my heart, but that's a discussion for another time.

Pastry is often viewed as one of the trickier things to master in the kitchen, however with a bit of know how and practise, it can become a very rewarding part of your baking repertoire

After doing some personal research into the best pastry recipes on the Internet, I decided it was only right and decent to share my results with you guys! 

Gourmet Dough - Hot Water Crust Pastry (great step by step photos!)

Delia Online - Shortcrust Pastry

BBC Good Food - Choux Pastry (great how to video)

Happy Baking!