Morning Ritual: Why we should be making time for ourselves

Breakfast in the November sunshine
Over the past year I have moved three times and started a new business, it's safe to say that busy and unstructured have been my keywords to life. When faced with instability and the unknown, I think it's natural to create little rituals which keep you grounded and allow you to have some constants in life.

For me this has become my morning routine and the more I do it, the more I am convinced that taking time over getting up and ready really helps in keeping me sane, well saner!

I used to give myself half an hour to get up and out the house, this was barely time to shower and put on my clothes. Breakfasts used to be a hurried and unsatisfying affair, literally grab and go, if at all. I would arrive at school, then as I got older, work, with a brain that was half asleep and hungry.

I recently decided that enough was enough and changed my morning ritual to one that allowed me to enjoy dressing and eating. Here are some of the things that I do to ensure that my mornings set me up for a stress free day!

1. Take Time

I give myself at least a full hour and a half between getting out of bed and leaving the door, this leaves me unhurried and able to take time over showering and getting dressed. I also find that planning outfits the night before is a good trick to ensuring I wear something well thought out! (I did once leave the house for a day of meetings still in slippers, the worst bit is that not one single person commented on it...)

2. Hot and cold drinks

A glass of water and a cafetiere is my usual morning routine. I do have an espresso machine, but this usually makes an appearance in the afternoon rather than the morning. I find a cafetiere is more tactile and seems a bit more indulgent, especially if you take time to heat up a bit of warm milk to add into your coffee.

Up until recently, I found myself only drinking hot caffeinated drinks before heading out the door. I found I was quickly dehydrated very early on into my day. I now make sure to have a pint of water before I leave the house, this also stops me from early morning snacking, as I am often thirsty rather than hungry.

3. Make a hot breakfast

I now take a completely different approach to my morning, especially when it comes to eating. Breakfast, I believe, should be an unhurried affair - I now give myself time to relax and actually makeself something filling, healthy and full of flavour. 

We often do a variant of something on toast, using bread fresh from the breadmaker (there is nothing that compares to waking up to the smell of fresh bread!) 

Our current favourite is a bit of a mash up, we fry a small bit of pancetta, bacon or chorizo for several minutes, add some leftover veg to cook down, then crack an egg on top, season and leave to cook until firm. Serve on hot toast.

4. Go outside

This is of course weather and facilities permitting, however if you can, sitting in the garden for breakfast is one of life's simple pleasures. Invest in some garden furniture - freecycle is a good place to look in the UK. 

5. Or just go out.

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself and going out for breakfast is definitely one way to do that! No cooking or washing up to do, just relax and enjoy the experience of sitting down and being served. 

This doesn't necessarily mean splashing out if you don't want to though - we have just found a great local butcher who makes a fantastic bacon roll for under £2. I wouldn't advise one of these each day, but you can treat yourself once in a while to something  bit naughty!

Waitrose Bircher Muesli - highly reccomnded
I thought I would share these tips on creating a morning ritual of your own. 

Obviously all people are different, so please don't feel that you need to follow all, or any of these, you may have your own suggestions for what you do to relax before work, if so, I'd love to hear them!

Fancy some more breakfast inspiration?