Red Cabbage, slow cooked in a Beef and Red Wine sauce: a recipe for living and cooking in a building site

We finally have heating and hot water, only a mere 4 weeks after getting the keys. Needless to say things have been slightly awkward.... Especially the bit where we didn't have any running water at all, hot or cold. A fun week was spent using plastic bottles of water to wash paintbrushes and dishes (going to the toilet was actually impossible, I shall say no more.)

Moving house is always somewhat stressful, no matter when, why or how. I remember trying to fit my whole life in two suitcases before I moved to the Netherlands for six months. However this recent adventure into the realm of new housing has been particularly interesting!

Though we now have water, power and heat - we still are lacking two rather essential components of a habitable home. Due to a bit of a balls up by Currys, we are still waiting on the fridge we ordered over two weeks ago. Alongside no fridge, we are also minus a hob. 

So this has left us in rather a pickle when it comes to preparing meals. Everything we eat must require no refrigeration and can only be cooked in an oven. 

Tonight I was particularly craving something fit for winter, thick and hearty. We have access to fresh bread courtesy of the breadmaker and good veg from the green grocers just down the road.

Yesterday I picked up a red cabbage, so I decided to make red cabbage slow cooked in an apple, beef and red wine sauce. The result was rich and hearty, especially when smotherd on toast and topped with ham hock. Admittedly this is not the most eye catching meal I have ever made! However it certainly was comforting and filling.

Please also excuse the poor photos, we are still unpacking cameras etc and waiting for a decent internet connection to upload things. Normal life will be resumed shortly, I hope..

Red Cabbage, slow cooked in a Beef and Red Wine sauce


Half a red cabbage
250 ml bottle of red wine (I used a Rioja)
100 ml beef stock (admission to make here, I used Bisto as this was a culinary emergency! In usual circumstances I would use proper beef stock)
2tsp caster sugar
Pinch of salt
Black pepper
1 cooking apple, peeled cored and diced into small chunks.

The method is simple - place everything into a large lidded dish, mix well and cook on 150C for three hours. Stir occasionally and add a touch more redd wine if you feel that the dish is getting too dry.

This would be a great side for a roast dinner and can also be made with cider and pork stock for a variation!

double helping of cabbage for Des
At least we have a microwave right..... oh and a gaping hole!
Ham hock makes everything better