Launch of York on a Fork!

This is an exciting project I've been collaborating on for the past few months with a whole host of other talented writers, bloggers and graphic designers.

I'm really excited to now be able to share Issue One of York on a Fork with you all!

York is such an amazing city for foodies - we are spoiled for choice with an amazing Food Festival, local quality producers and wonderful independent restaurants.

This vibrant culinary scene inspired the ezine, which looks to showcase what the city has to offer.

We would love to continue with the ezine and produce a second issue for early next year, so please let us know any feedback you might have on what we could improve and what you want to see less/more of.

If you are a local York business who has something different to offer to our food scene, please get in touch and let us know what you are up too.

You can email me ( or tweet @audacity of food / @yorkonafork

Many thanks again to everyone who made this project possible. I'm so chuffed with issue one and already looking forward to the next one!

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