My Christmas Day Menu

This year is my first Christmas away from my parental home, instead I am spending it with my boyfriend and his family. Usually the responsibility of producing a Christmas day turkey feast falls to my Dad, though it's not unusual for me to lend a hand.

This year however both Des and I are putting on our (possibly metaphorical) aprons and taking on the task of producing the Christmas day meal ourselves. I'm always one for trying something new, so we thought we would try out cooking a Dickensian goose feast! I'm slightly nervous about how everything will go - apparently over a litre of fat comes off the bird.... Though I'm sure the roast potatoes will surely benefit from this!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas day and best of luck to all the other Christmas cooks out there!

Our Christmas Day Menu

Pigs in Blankets

Pork, Honey and Apple Stuffing

Followed By

Christmas Pudding

Brandy Butter

Rum Cream

Because I am such a looser, I had to make a cooking spreadsheet/gantt chart to make sure things run smoothly.... wish me luck!