My Simple Breakfast Routine (AKA, the best smoothie ever.)

I have just discovered a very, very good thing and thought I would do a super quick post to share said good thing. Because after all, we are in this together fellow foodies! I have already previously spoken about 

my love for breakfast,

which in my opinion is possibly the most enjoyable meal of the day.

I recently have been trying to eat more mindfully and as a result have noticed that I often don't wake up very hungry, it can take about 2-3 hours until I am ready for a meal.

I still think it's a good idea to get going with something in my stomach though - that's where this smoothie comes in.

There's no real recipe to it, basically I blend 400ml almond milk and a banana with a tsp or two of peanut butter. If I'm feeling fancy, I add a tsp of nutella, which is divine.


I've said before

, I only buy peanut butter which is palm oil free or uses palm oil from a sustainable source.

Anyway, give it a go (you can thank me later!) But be warned - it's bloody addictive...