The Woman Behind The Blog

This blog is chock a block with pictures of the food that I enjoy, however today I thought I would (mostly) put aside the culinary porn and give you all an insight into the person behind the blog.

I have been reading blogs since I started University in 2010 and have watched as the blogosphere has morphed from the personal musings of a few, to the mass commercial platform that it is now today.

I started reading blogs because I enjoyed hearing about others peoples lives, I liked seeing the world from different perspectives and being exposed to different lifestyles, cultures and even countries.

I think this interest in other experiences is actually what drove me to study History! I love reading biographies and autobiographies, especially of people who have led completely different lives to mine.

In this new age of blogging, I wonder if we haven't sacrificed the personality of blogging for the opportunity to profit from it. I'm getting kind of sick of reading about purely about products instead of people and their experiences of products.

After having this little rant, I felt is was highly hypocritical of myself not to attempt to personalise this post and show you guys some little snippets from my life.

I hope you enjoy!


Photography by Mark Woodward

The biggest thing in my life at the moment has to be my business,

Vincent's Coffee


I started the company shortly after graduating in 2013 with the idea of building a coffee brand which people could trust to offer the best possible coffee, produced with a conscience.

I'm extremely proud of the products we have developed and the team that I have.

When running your own business, every day is different and the highs and lows can be particularly emotionally demanding. However I'm so glad I stuck with it, as the future is looking pretty damn exciting.

Dramatic Hair Changes

The last year has been pretty dramatic in hair terms. 

The left hand picture is me in the summer of 2013, sporting a glorious, if not rather hard to upkeep, blond mop. Unfortunately due to my dark roots and extremely unruly hair, having my platinum hair long became pretty untenable, especially due to general breakage and frazzlement!

Mid 2014 I decided to go for the chop, and ended up with a short blonde pixie cut (yup I am standing outside the Louvre - just had to throw that pic in there.)

However alas, the blonde was not to stay. In October 2014 I decided to go back to my roots and went for the full cropped cut. As you can see from the first picture in this post, this is now slowly getting darker and growing out!

Nancy Puss (NP)

Nancy is a very new addition to our household, we actually adopted her last month from the local RSPCA centre!

She's a pretty special puss, as she is quite old and pretty much totally blind.

Her blindness this does not stop her from being an extremely affectionate and playful thing! Her current favourite game is "treat drop" which involves following the sound of treats falling on the floor.

Apparently it's quite hard  to rehome cats like NP due to their disabilities, however it's an extremely rewarding thing to do if you have the space and patience for a slightly unique cat!

As I write this post, she is currently curled up on the sofa with me (she has 2/3, I have a 1/3 - thats the right human to cat sofa ratio right?!)

Food Food Food

Even beyond the remit of blogging, food plays an extremely important role in my life!

I love to cook and am extremely lucky in the fact that I also have a partner who is a dab hand in the kitchen. We eat home cooked meals, made from scratch, pretty much most nights of the week.

Of course we do go out and get takeaways - I'm only human after all! But I'm extremely passionate about knowing how my food is prepared and where it comes from.

Cooking myself means that I can choose the ingredients I like and control how much extra salt/sugar/preservatives goes into each dish.

Living in York also means I am extremely lucky when it comes to eating out, literally a 5 minute cycle away there is a plethora of great restaurants, bistros, cafes and pubs.

And finally... the most important thing about me has to be my bang on trend style choices.

I hear ears are in right now.

Thank you for indulging me in this brief exploration into my life beyond blogging! 

I promise the next post is going to be a doozy - think fine dining and lots of deliciously tempting photos.