Why Cake Club is the Best Club

The first rule of cake club is; eat as much as you can.

The second rule of cake club; make sure you take care when cycling with your cake.... (I learnt this the hard way, as you can see with my slightly crumpled cake below.)

Yesterday was the thoroughly enjoyable monthly meeting of York's Clandestine Cake Club! 

Cake club meets once a month, each time with a different theme and in a different location. This month, we met at

Banyan Bar and Grill

, with the fitting theme of cocktails and mocktails!

There was a lot of variety in cakes on offer, from Pina Colada Cake, Strawberry Daiquiri, Black Russian, Pimms and lots more. I have to say that the Black Russian was particularly outstanding, though I am a sucker for all things chocolate...

I went for a Winter Pimms creation, as we had rather a lot left over from Christmas. I basically made a standard victoria sponge, but added a shot of Winter Pimms and lemon, lime and orange rind to the cake batter. 

For the icing, I whipped up a smotheringly large amount buttercream, laced with a shed load of pimms (as much as I felt I could get away with....)

I find cake club a very easy social event to attend, even with the baking preparation! Everyone is extremely friendly, non-competitive and ready to share top baking tips. It's also definitely not a purely female crowd, we welcome all genders with open arms!

If you live in/near York and would like more information about our next event,

here are the details


Or to see if there is a CCC near you, check out the website


I will leave you with some photos from our  Vegan and Gluten free themed cake club, held a few months ago! As you can see, despite the difficult remit, there was a fabulous selection of bakes.