Award winning business owner, obsessed with creating value and promoting responsible business.



I am an experienced and passionate speaker, having delivered talks and lectures at institutions such as Leeds Beckett University and The University of York.

I am always open to opportunities to speak about my experiences as an entrepreneur, dealing with mental health issues as a business owner and how to build a responsible business. Please contact me via the form below.


Having co-run a successful magazine, alongside building business websites and running several blogs, I know a thing or two about engaging people with compelling and carefully crafted copy.

My writing has been featured online and offline in outlets such as The Daily Mail (disagreeing with them, I hasten to add), York on a Fork, The Clandestine Cake Club and many other blogs and websites.

I am particularly interested in opportunities to write about food and drink, what it takes to run a business and issues of sustainability and ethics in business. 

I also use my experience to help other businesses develop their communications strategies (see below). If you would like find out more about my rates and availability, please feel free to get in touch.


For digital communications, marketing and business support, please enquire using the form below.

For further information on ethical certification and how to build an ethical business, please check out Bright Ethics.

Round table session at The University of York with the UK CEO of Santander

Round table session at The University of York with the UK CEO of Santander