The Brave Ep #7 - What does it mean to be brave?

In this episode I explore the concept of bravery and how it has been constructed in our society through narrative archetypes. I also suggest that quiet, everyday bravery should be celebrated and that your everyday acts of courage and resilience do make you a brave person.

The Brave Ep #5 - Resilience at Work, Deadlines and Managing Anxiety | Interview with Rob Kendal

In this episode I interview Rob Kendal, a Senior UI Developer who works in tech. We take a deep dive into the world of work to discuss some of the pressures and pitfalls of working life - including managing stress and deadlines, deadline with mental health at work and helping staff thrive.

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The Brave Ep #4 - Coping with a cancer diagnosis aged 25 | Interview with Laura Sanderson

Welcome to Season 1 of The Brave, a podcast all about resilience where we share stories of how a diverse range of people have coped under pressure and with numerous challenges.

In this episode I interview Laura Sanderson, a York based graphic designer. Aged 25, Laura received a cancer diagnosis. In this episode we discuss her approach to the diagnosis and subsequent treatment, alongside her desire for cancer to be spoken about freely and in a normalised manner.

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