Hi, I'm Bethan.

So to give you a few basic facts about me; I'm a woman in her late twenties who lives in York and has an internet presence. 

I've always been someone who enjoys tinkering on several projects at once. This blog, now turned kind-of-portfolio-website, started out as such a side hobby. 

As someone who works in (and absolutely loves) digital marketing, this small site is where I first cut my teeth using digital tools and found my unique voice. 

I now use this platform mainly to write about the things that are truly important to me. I'm also thankful for the opportunities it provides to test and grow my skills as a marketeer and writer.

Things I'm really into:

Food, feminism, exploring what ethical consumption means, building better businesses, diversity, personal style, mental health, supporting local businesses, travel, digital technology, fitness and body confidence, music and culture, helping women break the glass ceiling, cats, social theory, making the perfect chocolate cake, the North, connecting with interesting people and more...