I am an experienced and passionate speaker, having delivered talks and lectures at institutions such as Leeds Beckett University and The University of York.

I have also delivered talks on a wide range of subjects at tech conferences including DotYork 2018, Women in Tech York, UpFront 2017, The York Rail Innovation Community Launch, Front End York, Code Pen Hull and the 2019 Lead Developer London Conference.

I am always open to opportunities to speak about my experiences building inclusive tech companies, developing cross-functional marketing teams and creating digital products.

The Lead Developer London, 2019

The Lead Developer London, 2019

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Upcoming Talks

FrontEnd NE, 5th September

MeasureFest, 12th September 2019

“Running a high-performing marketing team using the Agile/Scrum framework”

Women in Tech York, October 2019

P3X - People, Product & Process eXchange, October 31st, 2019

“Building Products in the Age of Chaos” 

York Business Week Conference, 13th November

Past Talks

Agile York, July 2019

“Running a Marketing Team using Scrum”

The Lead Developer London, June 2019

“What I learnt about hiring diverse teams from conducting a fully-anonymous recruitment process”

Bethan Vincent | The Lead Developer London 2019

If we want to truly encourage diversity in our industry, we are going to have to listen and respond to feedback from under-represented groups that challenges our assumptions.

In 2015, my previous employer Bytemark built a fully-anonymous recruitment process in order to help address issues of hiring bias and to try and attract a diverse range of candidates.

You might think problem solved.... but no! Despite introducing a supposedly better process, we still weren't receiving applications from a wide range of candidates.

We realised that in order to diagnose the issue, we would need to conduct user research. Through speaking to these candidates, successful and unsuccessful, alongside undertaking research at conferences and with peers, we found that some aspects of our "ideal" process were actually put off certain candidates, especially women, from applying.

I present some of our learnings from this research and offer examples of how they can be applied to any hiring process. I will also argue that in order to be a truly inclusive industry, we need to start gathering and really listening to feedback that makes us uncomfortable with the status quo.

"Nobody is really Non-Technical" talk at UpFront 2017

York Rail Innovation Launch, February 2019

“Developing an Innovation Culture”

Innovation doesn't happen by accident, it's a product of good design.

This talk explored some of the conditions organisations can create that allow teams to think of, and most importantly deliver on, market changing ideas.

Code Pen Hull, January 2019

“Making Business Decisions that have an Impact”

Dot York, October 2018

“Good business: how do we make decisions that have an impact?”

Front End York, June 2018

"Why bother testing? The case for CRO"

UpFront, 2017

“Nobody is really non-technical” - generously supported by UpFront’s Speaker Bursary

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