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The Brave Podcast

Sometimes ideas bubble up in your mind over a long period of time, percolating until just the right time.

I’ve been wanting to have a stab at a podcast for a while now, partly because I have access to some decent microphones and also have a desire to learn how to market various forms of digital media.

I also have a topic I really want to explore: Resilience.

I want to know:

How can we keep on going in an often chaotic world. How do people successfully deal with the pressures and challenges of modern day life. How can we cope with it all.

I decided to ask a range of people and make it into a podcast - The Brave.

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What topics will The Brave cover?

Mental health, physical endurance, dealing with stress, overcoming disaster, grief, loss, hope, keeping it together under pressure, the expectations of others, life under the social media lens, coping when things go wrong, coping when things go well, dealing with your own expectations, being yourself, how to push yourself, when to be kind to yourself, giving up and much, much more.

How can I listen?

As soon as the podcast launches, it will be available on Apple Podcasts and on this site. Depending on demand, I can also add it to Soundcloud and other syndication platforms.